21.9.10 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 21.9.9 ‘Voyager’ released


New Feature

– Feature: New backup-tool login subcommands to check login state and set login credentials on Linux



– Enhancement: Allow usernames shorter than six characters

– Enhancement: Update Thai translation

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for the “Use temporary files instead of disk” option


Bug Fixes

– Fix an issue with user creation on the web UI, where the initial Storage Vault does not get the default retention policy applied

– Fix an issue with expiry of delta link of OneDrive

– Fix an issue with Office 365 guest account access

– Fix an issue with not enforcing the “Require to change password on first login” feature on Linux

– Fix an issue with the unexpected error message “Unknown value to –ssl-mode: ‘DISABLED'” being reported while backing up Mysql 5.6

– Fix an issue with the USB Recovery Media system if you add a custom file without also adding any custom start-up commands

– Fix an issue with canceling all jobs during PC sleep

– Fix an issue with the AdminAdminUserDelete API not applying changes

– Fix an issue with not canceling outbound webhook and custom remote bucket API requests in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with strange characters appearing in some Disk Image error messages

– Fix an issue with OneDrive modification time

– Fix an issue with missing top-of-tree identifier at the time of restore

– Fix an issue with Linux client having no option to input TOTP code if Two-factor authentication (TOTP) has been enabled by the logged-in user