Voyager Release Recap – September 2020

What’s new in Comet’s Voyager software releases in September?

New Features & Improvements:

  • Improvements to the USB Recovery Media builder, with its new graphical interface and new Tools menu.

  • Organizations – a new feature to create an isolated zone in your Comet Server with its own users and policies. It is still being improved but you can use it today in Voyager to implement some reseller scenarios and grouping scenarios.

  • Rebranding storage – this is a new way to white-label a cloud storage provider at the granularity of a single Storage Vault, in the Storage Vault settings and also when requesting a new direct-to-cloud Storage Vault, so from the customer’s point of view it could be anywhere.

  • Token installations – this is a feature when you are performing a silent-install of the Comet Backup desktop client, so that it can retrieve its username and password over the network in a more secure way.

  • SDK updates – for our PHP and Ruby SDKs that we have published on GitHub including we received several pull requests from the community last month.

  • Canceling jobs on sleep which is mostly about avoiding some bad situations with stuck Storage Vaults if a device goes to sleep in the middle of a backup job; and of course, Comet can still quickly resume a canceled backup job because if a job is incomplete, those partially-uploaded data chunks remain inside the Storage Vault until the next retention pass.

  • Performance improvements for Windows Defender, so your antivirus scans every file when a file is accessed including by your backup program. A lot of backup jobs have actually also been a full PC virus scan. Which is great, we love antivirus, but it should run on its own schedule not related to your backup job schedule therefore Comet now avoids triggering that behavior in Windows Defender. We can’t do it for every different antivirus product on the market but Windows Defender is certainly one of the most popular ones given it’s preinstalled.

  • Reduce Comet Server memory for some very large responses. If you have over ten thousand user accounts on your Comet Server or if you have someone’s job report that contains a million lines of errors then Comet Server will perform better in these slightly more extreme scenarios.