18.12.2 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.12.1 and 18.11.4

– Feature: Option to keep deduplication indexes in on-disk temporary files instead of RAM

– Feature: API to list all available software platforms

– Feature: API to download more platform-specific variants of Comet Backup installer, for smaller filesize

– Feature: Unbranded registry option for mixing in additional entropy for differentiating device IDs

– Feature: Optional new Device ID column on the Connected Devices page

– Enhancement: Faster response for job cancellation

– Enhancement: Minor reduction in CPU usage when rebuilding indexes

– Enhancement: Minor reduction in memory usage for backup-tool processes

– Enhancement: Improve performance of loading Protected Item history views in Comet Backup by optimising the network request

– Enhancement: Rename all ‘ID’ columns in the Comet Server web interface, to clarify which ID they refer to

– Fix an issue with Elevator / Delegate user account mismatch when backing up Hyper-V, Application Aware Writer, and Exchange EDB Protected Items

– Fix an issue with inconsistent SIGINT / SIGHUP handling on Linux

– Fix an issue with “null” retention ranges in user account profiles, that could cause the Comet Server web interface to crash

– Fix a cosmetic issue with creating additional duplicate Windows Firewall rules every time Comet Server is upgraded

– Fix a cosmetic issue with unnecessary repeated application titles in dialog windows in Comet Backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with small usage percentages in the Storage Vaults table in the Comet Server web interface