18.12.0 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.11.2

– Feature: Portuguese (Europe) translation

– Feature: Add Last Job column to the Protected Items table in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Improve performance for listing backup snapshots in high-latency Storage Vaults

– Enhancement: Add Storage Vault icons for S3-compatible vaults from Exoscale and Cynnyspace

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for configuring two-factor authentication settings on Comet Server instances with large numbers of administrator accounts

– Enhancement: Always use native language for language selection

– Change Event IDs used by Comet’s service manager process

– Fix an issue with API response codes if an administrator account is deleted in a short time window when making authentication settings changes

– Fix an issue with pointless retrying if a blob cannot be found in an index

– Fix an issue with RMM software monitoring the Windows Event Log preventing Comet from replacing its service manager exe file during software upgrades

– Fix an issue with GOAWAY error messages on Google Cloud Storage and S3-Compatible Storage Vaults

– Fix a cosmetic issue with error messages when decoding data pack contents