17.9.0 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 17.8.3

– Feature: Italian translation

– Feature: Copy and paste Protected Item configurations between devices and accounts in Comet Server

– Feature: Support multiple SSL certificates on the same IP/port pair in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Allow at/period characters in usernames

– Enhancement: Performance improvement for restoring a custom file selection, for data backed up with Comet 17.9.0 or later

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for retention cleanup passes for Storage Vaults with a long tenure

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for viewing large lists in the main Comet Backup interface

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage for some types of storage destinations by coalescing some types of upload buffer

– Enhancement: Automatically detect more already-compressed filetypes

– Fix an issue with not retrying certain uploads to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage

– Fix a cosmetic issue with still displaying Setup Wizard instructions if the Setup Wizard was hidden