21.9.12 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 21.9.11 ‘Voyager’ released


This release includes a change to the format of Comet Server’s comet-jobs.db3 file. When upgrading to this version, there may be a one-time startup delay of around ~30 seconds as the database file format is migrated.


New Feature

– Feature: New API endpoints added for listing the Office 365 account resources that are available for backup
– Feature: New and improved user interface for the Office 365 Protected Item
– Feature: Support the granular Office 365 service backup







– Enhancement: Office 365 Backup performance in full and delta backup mode has been improved
– Enhancement: Improve the performance of opening the “Add Protected Item” dialog
– Enhancement: Improve performance of searching the jobs database for a single user account


Bug Fixes

– Fix a user being able to create a “Files and Folders” Protected Item even when the Files and Folders type is disabled by policy
– Fix an invalid Protected Item type being selected when the first type in the “Add Protected Item” dialog is disabled
– Fix an issue with still sending scheduled email reports for user accounts after they are deleted
– Fix a cosmetic issue with blank warning messages if there are unexpected files with duplicate names in the same folder