21.6.9 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 21.6.8 Voyager


Bug Fixes

–  Fix an issue with running out of memory when backing up large files from OneDrive in a Microsoft Office 365 backup job

–  Fix an issue with sending scheduled summary-table email reports with the top-level Organization’s From address

–  Fix an issue with applying incorrect Organization for user profiles received by replication

–  Fix an issue with not loading the default port for MySQL when using the ‘Test Connections’ feature

–  Fix an issue with high CPU load when generating many custom branded installers, by restricting the total simultaneous processing level

–  Fix an issue with very large job logs, by restricting to reporting a maximum of 15000 file-based errors

–  Fix an issue with using special characters in passwords when installing Comet Backup for Linux

–  Fix an issue with Comet Backup crashing when trying to display certain contact- or calendar- related errors from Microsoft Office 365

–  Fix a cosmetic issue with stating both “Error for…” and “Warning for…” the same file in backup job logs

–  Fix a cosmetic issue with ‘context canceled’ error messages hiding the real error message in retry attempts