21.6.6 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 21.6.5 Voyager



– Enhancement: Support restoring Microsoft Office 365 Calendar events to Microsoft Office 365 cloud

– Enhancement: Show a different icon for Microsoft Teams folders when restoring data in the Comet Backup desktop app and in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Update the style of Two-Factor Authentication configuration when configuring Admin user accounts in the Comet Server setup wizard, to match the user’s own settings page


Bug Fixes

– Fix an issue with failing to backup other Microsoft Office 365 services if one service fails

– Fix an issue with “Lost connection to service” error messages when a Windows PC goes to sleep

– Fix an issue with being able to enable TOTP without verifying six-digit code by cancelling the dialog when configuring Admin accounts in the Setup Wizard in the Comet Server web interface

– Fix an issue with overwriting the “Apply to Operating System” field when adding multiple policy-default Protected Items in the Comet Server web interface

– Fix an issue with clearing the “LastSuccessfulBackupJob” API property on the next unsuccessful backup job

– Fix a cosmetic issue with not displaying any examples when first opening the Advanced Filter dialog in the Comet Server web interface