21.2.0 ‘Ganymede’ released

Changes compared to 20.11.3 ‘Io’

New Features

– Feature: Allow configuring isolated Organizations in the Setup Wizard in the Comet Server web interface

– Feature: Restore to original paths: This is a new checkbox when you restore data, so that the files will be put right back where they were originally found. This is helpful for rolling-back files without having to copy them back into the original location. (This feature is not available for data that was backed up before this release.)

Restore to original paths pop up window

– Feature: Support silent install for Comet Backup on macOS

– Feature: Support new `/ISLOCALSYSTEM=”yes”` silent installation flag to force the Comet Backup desktop app’s background service to use LOCAL SYSTEM authentication

– Feature: Support new `TrustXForwardedFor` option in cometd.cfg to support customer IP addresses behind a reverse proxy such as nginx

– Feature: Support editing advanced email settings from the Comet Backup desktop app: This feature is already available in the Comet Backup web version of the software. Now the feature is also available in the Comet Backup desktop app. // Link to Documentation

– Feature: Support requesting a “Custom Remote Bucket” from an API endpoint: An advanced feature to implement direct-to-cloud for storage types that Comet doesn’t yet support directly. Comet currently supports Backblaze B2 and Wasabi but this lets you wire up your own support for other storage types. // Link to Documentation

– Feature: Support Static Locations for new Spanned targets, improving performance in limited situations: An advanced feature for brand new spanned storage – people who are configuring their Comet Server storage infrastructure for the first time and want to get a little more performance. // Link to Documentation



– Enhancement: More accurately display current backup job speed, by using a rolling 15s average instead of a whole-job average

– Enhancement: Use orange color for warnings in the Recent Activity page, in the dashboard widgets, in email reports, and in the Comet Backup desktop app

– Enhancement: Detect Linux distro to provide more detailed instructions if the client installer fails to find an installed xz decompressor

– Enhancement: Add optional “next scheduled job” column to Protected Item tables in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Support editing existing custom driver, file, folder, and command entries in the USB Recovery Media wizard

– Enhancement: Automatically save and load previous settings for the WinRE USB Recovery Media builder

– Enhancement: Automatically clean up packindex files if a consistency issue is detected, and during reindex operations

– Enhancement: Automatically upgrade data encryption formats for more field types in the Comet Server cometd.cfg file

– Enhancement: Reduce peak server load in Comet Server by extending the reconnection time window for live device connections

– Enhancement: Minor reduction in memory usage when loading data packs from the Storage Vault

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage in the Comet Backup desktop app when communicating with the background service

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage when uploading replacement index files during a Retention Pass

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage when loading index files from a Storage Vault

– Enhancement: Improve performance of browsing files to restore from the Comet Server web interface after opening the first directory

– Enhancement: Improve performance when deleting single files from large directories within a past backup job snapshot

– Enhancement: Improve performance when processing Storage Vaults containing a large number of snapshots

– Enhancement: Improve performance of user profile operations if a Storage Vault contains a lot of shared data, by truncating deduplication analysis data


Changes compared to 20.12.6 ‘Voyager’

– Fix an issue with “File already closed” error messages when using the Search feature in the Comet Backup desktop app

– Fix a cosmetic issue with STR_CI text appearing in custom search areas in the Comet Backup desktop app

– Fix a cosmetic issue with job ETA displaying as zero