Voyager Release Recap – October 2020

What’s new in Comet’s Voyager software releases in October?


macOS New Features & Improvements:

Drag and drop window for granting permissions:

  • Due to macOS security measures, Comet needs additional permissions to access all the files on the disk. On install, the user will be prompted with a simple drag and drop format for granting permissions for Mac users.
  • The previous documented steps about how to configure this manually will continue to work.

Preserving permissions:

  • In the past, permissions were lost when the software was upgraded. Prior to 20.9.6 you can work around this by enabling codesigning for macOS. As of Comet 20.9.6 we no longer lose the permission. Any remote software upgrade will preserve the Full Disk Access permission after it has been enabled.


Prevent creating shortcuts

Comet has a new Policy feature. MSPs can now stop the Comet Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts from automatically installing. There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you’re deploying Comet in bulk using an AD GPO, or using an RMM software, add the flag /SHORTCUT=disable to the command-line silent installer and the shortcuts won’t get created.
  2. Pre-populate the registry key Shortcuts to zero. The Comet installer will read that information and know whether or not to create the shortcuts on the Desktop and in the Start Menu.

For more information, follow the steps in our documentation.