20.9.7 ‘Voyager’ now released

Changes compared to 20.9.6

– Feature: Support running custom commands immediately after disk snapshot (“Thaw”)

– Enhancement: Support using an installed WebView2 Runtime for embedded web views in Comet Backup for Windows

– Fix an issue with file permissions for Local Path Storage Vaults on macOS, that could prevent restoring data until the file permissions were changed

– Fix an issue with application permissions for Comet Backup on macOS, causing white file icons and incorrect paths for Desktop/Documents folder selection

– Fix an issue with not completely removing the Windows Event Log source when uninstalling Comet Backup for Windows

– Fix an issue with Comet Backup for Windows crashing if an incompatible version of Microsoft Edge is installed

– Fix an issue with closing the Full Disk Access permission grant dialog from the Backup Now dialog in Comet Backup on macOS

– Fix a cosmetic issue with not fully hiding Storage Vault branding in some places in the Comet Backup desktop app