20.9.2 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 20.9.1

– Enhancement: Add Properties tab on the Live Connected device dialog in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Reduce Comet Server’s peak memory requirements for producing large user/device lists, large job search results and large job reports

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for generating backup job email reports

– Enhancement: Store Comet’s generated device ID in the Windows registry, for correlation with other software such as an RMM agent

– Fix an issue with supplying `/TOKEN` parameters for silent client installation on Windows

– Fix an issue with compatibility with some VSS hardware providers when taking a Disk Image backup job

– Fix an issue with VSS to non-VSS error handling fallback for Disk Image backup jobs

– Fix an issue with managing live user connections under some situations

– Fix a cosmetic issue with identifying different partitions in log messages during a Disk Image backup job

– Fix a cosmetic issue with superfluous info-level log messages for System Reserved and EFI ESP partitions with no mount points during Disk Image backup jobs