19.9.7 ‘Voyager’ released

Changes compared to 19.9.6

– Feature: Support custom Windows authentication credentials for Microsoft SQL Server backups

– Feature: Support importing “Windows Server System State” and “Windows System Backup” Protected Items from Ahsay v6

– Enhancement: Support importing exclusion rules and regular expressions from File backupsets in Ahsay v6

– Enhancement: Support autodetecting new Amazon S3 eu-north-1, ap-east-1, ap-northeast-3, me-south-1 regions

– Enhancement: Prefer dual-stack IPv6 endpoints when connecting to autodetected Amazon S3 regional endpoint

– Fix an issue with importing Ahsay v6 Microsoft SQL Server backupsets as using native SQL Server authentication instead of Windows impersonation

– Fix an issue with “Invalid Job Selected” error messages by creating stub job entries for unexpectedly running clientside jobs

– Fix an issue with importing “(local)” Microsoft SQL Server instances from Ahsay v6

– Fix a cosmetic issue with “choose tables” option naming when selecting MySQL databases for backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with special characters appearing in error messages in some Microsoft SQL Server backup situations

– Fix a cosmetic issue with not greying out weekday labels when configuring weekly schedules in the Comet Backup desktop app

– Renew our company’s codesigning certificate for Windows. This may cause temporary SmartScreen popups for 1-2 weeks while reputation is rebuilt

– Hide Android ‘coming soon’ message in the Comet Server web interface, as this doesn’t need to be customer-facing at this stage