19.6.6 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 19.6.4

– Feature: Updated Russian translation

– Feature: Support searching for jobs based on report line count, report byte size

– Enhancement: Improve performance for incremental backup jobs

– Enhancement: Add extra warnings to the Setup Wizard if you use an invalid value for the “Default server login URL” field

– Enhancement: Support Accept-Language HTTP header for Comet Server API response messages

– Enhancement: Run regular analysis passes, zero-cleanup retention passes even if retention policy is “Keep Forever”, after a few weeks

– Fix an issue with unnecessarily re-reading backup file content in some situations, causing slower performance

– Fix an issue with handling virtual empty-directory files on S3-compatible storage, encountered when seed-loading data using some 3rd party apps

– Fix an issue with excess temporary open file handles if network conditions caused file load retry

– Fix a cosmetic issue with checkbox layout for “Files and Folders” Protected Items when using non-English languages with longer text strings

– Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent use of Product Name vs Server Name for Comet-type storage locations