19.3.5 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 19.3.4

– Enhancement: Update Portuguese (Europe) translation

– Fix an issue with exceeding timeouts when logging in to the Comet Backup for Linux client

– Fix an issue with Comet Backup crashing during cancellation of some MySQL backup jobs

– Fix an issue with still displaying default “Local” options for requestable storage destinations when the local Comet Server does not have the Storage Role enabled

– Fix an issue with Comet Server adding invalid null entries in Policy.DefaultEmailReports.Reports field, causing PHP SDK incompatibility

– Fix an issue with selecting single paths for restore containing star or square-bracket characters

– Fix a cosmetic issue with missing title text when copying a job report to the clipboard in Comet Backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with English spelling in email footers

– Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent use of en_US vs en_UK spelling in some cases