19.2.1 ‘Pallas’ Released

Changes compared to 19.2.0

– Fix an issue with minor memory leak in the Protected Item editor dialog in the Comet Backup GUI

– Fix an issue with authentication errors listing databases on MySQL 8.0

– Fix a cosmetic issue with restore paths for Application-Aware Writer and Hyper-V backups involving multiple disk drives

– Fix a cosmetic issue with Constellation connection failure to localhost during early Comet Server startup

– Upgrade timezone library to 2018i (app), 2018g (web)

Changes compared to 19.2.0 previously appearing in 19.3.0

– Fix an issue with long retry delays when Comet is misconfigured to back up to a localhost Comet Server

– Fix an issue with not performing other non-retention tasks (vault analysis / running jobs cleanup / …) when manually invoking a retention pass against a Storage Vault that contains zero complete backup snapshots

– Fix an issue with not finding Ahsay v6 configuration files for import on macOS and Linux

– Fix a cosmetic issue with not bringing the existing Comet Backup app login dialog to the foreground when double-clicking a desktop shortcut