19.2.0 ‘Pallas’ Released

Changes compared to 18.12.6

– (no changes)

Changes compared to 18.11.6

– Feature: New “Recent Activity” page in the Comet Server web interface

– Feature: New “Account Name” field for users

– Feature: Option to use legacy V2 signing for S3-compatible storage

– Feature: Support EV Authenticode signing via PKCS#11 hardware token in Comet Server

– Feature: Policy option to set default retention policy

– Feature: Policy options to enforce retention policies in Storage Vaults, and to prevent overriding retention policies in Protected Items

– Feature: Portuguese (Europe) translation

– Feature: Update Spanish translation

– Feature: Option to keep deduplication indexes in on-disk temporary files instead of RAM

– Feature: API to allow end-user single sign on to Comet Server web interface

– Feature: API to list all available software platforms

– Feature: API to download more platform-specific variants of Comet Backup installer, for smaller filesize

– Feature: Unbranded registry option for mixing in additional entropy for differentiating device IDs

– Feature: Add Last Job column to the Protected Items table in the Comet Server web interface

– Feature: Optional new Device ID column on the Connected Devices page

– Enhancement: Unified login for the Comet Server web interface (including login failure logging)

– Enhancement: Show directory sizes in the restore dialog in Comet Backup

– Enhancement: Auto cleanup old Running jobs after a successful software upgrade

– Enhancement: Improve performance for listing backup snapshots in high-latency Storage Vaults

– Enhancement: Improve performance of loading Protected Item history views in Comet Backup by optimising the network request

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for browsing Hyper-V VMs

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for configuring two-factor authentication settings on Comet Server instances with large numbers of administrator accounts

– Enhancement: Minor reduction in CPU usage when rebuilding indexes

– Enhancement: Minor reduction in memory usage for backup-tool processes

– Enhancement: Reduce peak memory usage when first loading indexes from an existing Storage Vault

– Enhancement: Always use native language for language selection

– Enhancement: Add Storage Vault icons for S3-compatible vaults from Exoscale and Cynnyspace

– Enhancement: Allow entering fractional values in quota fields in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Faster response for job cancellation

– Enhancement: Display custom icon for S3-Compatible Storage Vaults using Alibaba / Aliyun OSS cloud storage

– Enhancement: Display icons for Storage Vault types in the restore dialog in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Add “outdated” badges, clickable device actions, and auto-refresh to the Recent Activity page in the Comet Server web interface

– Enhancement: Extend retry behaviour for S3-compatible storage destinations (including Google Cloud Storage)

– Enhancement: Improve retry backoff behaviour for retaking VSS snapshots and for SMB login

– Enhancement: Improve retry behaviour for Exchange EDB metadata operations

– Enhancement: Improve network retry behaviour for Azure storage

– Enhancement: Update French translation

– Enhancement: Portuguese and Spanish language translations fall back to each other instead of English, if possible

– Enhancement: Show current/outdated breakdown when hovering the “Online Devices” column in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Rename all ‘ID’ columns in the Comet Server web interface, to clarify which ID they refer to

– Change Event IDs used by Comet’s service manager process