18.12.5 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.12.4 and 18.11.6

– Feature: Support EV Authenticode signing via PKCS#11 hardware token in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Update Spanish translation

– Enhancement: Improve retry behaviour for Exchange EDB metadata operations

– Fix an issue with virtual file paths for restore in certain VSS failure edge cases

– Fix an issue with Comet crashing when encountering very small index files with the new low-memory index parser

– Fix a cosmetic issue with unclear “last job” column title on the Protected Items table in the Comet Server web interface

– Fix a cosmetic issue with progress messages during Deep Verify passes

– Fix a cosmetic issue with missing “Downloaded” and “Version” properties in emailed job reports

– Fix a cosmetic issue with a typo in the error message when Comet Server fails to generate branded software download