18.9.5 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.9.4

– Feature: Option to disable sending scheduled email reports

– Enhancement: Support MSOLEDBSQL provider to connect to Microsoft SQL Server instances mandating TLS 1.2

– Enhancement: Improve performance of reusing existing tree objects in repository and of managing temporary pack files

– Enhancement: Improve performance of loading the “Select files” screen in Comet Backup

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage needed to load index files, construct file and directory trees during backup

– Enhancement: Reduce memory usage needed to browse files for restore in Comet Backup

– Fix an issue with service dependency ordering causing intermittent crashes when Comet Server starts up

– Fix an issue with wrong executable permissions in the Linux (generic) installer for Comet Server

– Fix an issue with not being able to select files for restore named with special non-printable characters in Comet Backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with hidden user emails and extra scrollbars in the Comet Server web interface using Firefox