18.6.9 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.6.8

– Feature: Support Comet Backup on Linux ARMv8 (Aarch64) and ARMv6kl, no glibc required. Best compatible ARM build will be autodetected at install

– Feature: Policy option to set the “Skip if already running” option on backup schedules

– Feature: Advanced diagnostic option to regenerate index directory in Storage Vault

– Fix an issue with “exit status 1060” error messages when trying to import Pre-Logon Service on non-English versions of Windows

– Fix an issue with running all missed backup jobs when waking a PC up from sleep

– Fix an issue with Comet Backup attempting (and failing) to restart the GUI on the service desktop on Windows after a software upgrade

– Fix an issue with occasional SIGILL warnings when decompressing data on pre-Haswell CPUs in Comet Backup for macOS

– Fix an issue with potentially wrong error messages from logging in to a UNC share on Windows

– Fix an issue with “File not found” errors when backing up a UNC path on Windows

– Fix a cosmetic issue with missing icons when choosing an SSL certificate in the Comet Server Service Manager

– Fix a cosmetic issue with unclear error messages when failing to decode an index in a Storage Vault