18.3.8 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 18.3.7

– Feature: Option to configure new Comet Server for Windows installations using your cometbackup.com credentials instead of a serial number

– Feature: Write job report logs to Windows Event Log in Comet Backup for Windows

– Fix an issue with importing retention settings from AhsayOBM 6.x

– Fix an issue on Windows with Daylight Savings determination in some timezones, by updating the bundled timezone database

– Fix an issue that could cause multiple backup jobs to start on Hourly schedules

– Fix an issue with “LKEY auth for old-style password format” error messages for some user account profiles created via the Comet API

– Fix a cosmetic issue with installed name of background dispatcher service in Comet Backup for Windows

– Fix a cosmetic issue with non-smooth progress animations in Comet Backup and in Comet Server Service Manager