17.9.7 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 17.8.7 and 17.9.6

– Enhancement: Enable backup of system tables for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL ‘master’ table is always backed up in FULL mode)

– Enhancement: Improve startup performance of VSS-Aware Component backup jobs and of browsing VSS components in Comet Backup

– Enhancement: Support Exchange EDB enumeration and backup operations in environments where powershell execution is blocked

– Enhancement: Automatically select port 3306 if no MySQL port is configured

– Fix an issue with using the scheduled job time limit feature for jobs involving VSS or user elevation on Windows

– Fix an issue with error messages if the VSS Writer could not be contacted for component backups

– Fix an issue with attempting to retry VSS-type backups without VSS if VSS could not be initialised

– Fix an issue with exception messages if VSS could not be initialised

– Fix an issue with backing up VSS content from non-system volumes

– Fix an issue with backing up Microsoft SQL Server databases named with international characters

– Fix a cosmetic issue with extra messages when importing backup configuration from other products