17.9.2 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 17.8.4 and 17.9.1

– Feature: German translation

– Feature: French translation

– Feature: Display replication speed and ETA in Comet Server and display change-direction indicator for the replication queue in Comet Server

– Feature: Support Comet Backup for Linux on ARM CPU (armv7l +vfp)

– Enhancement: Retry replication metadata requests at a much finer granularity, allowing for less progress to be lost upon replication failure

– Enhancement: Performance improvement for scanning replica content (“full scan” phase)

– Enhancement: Performance improvement for replicating storage data on high-latency connections by increasing thread count

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for uploads to Backblaze B2

– Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for client-side content enumeration when Comet Server is using cloud storage

– Enhancement: Expand coverage of binary codesigning and mixed bitness for Comet Backup on Windows

– Fix an issue that could cause temporary files to remain after an interrupted backup job on Windows

– Fix an issue with backup jobs reporting 2x size and 2x file count

– Fix an issue that could prevent storage replication from re-transmitting a file when the replica has a differing copy

– Fix an issue that could cause storage replication to re-transmit files already existing on the replica

– Fix an issue with not preventing installation on unsupported Windows operating system versions