17.8.2 ‘Stable’ Released

Changes compared to 17.8.1

– Enhancement: Improve support for High DPI displays in Comet Backup

– Enhancement: Update bundled timezone database

– Fix an issue with incorrectly displaying cross-Protected Item schedule information in Comet Server

– Fix an issue with not exempting administrators from the “Prevent creating new Storage Vaults (via Request)” policy

– Fix an issue with saving encryption keys for new Storage Vaults if the “Prevent editing existing Storage Vaults” policy is enabled

– Fix an issue with clearing schedule settings when editing settings in Comet Backup if multiple devices are using the same user account

– Fix an issue with compatibility with third-party codesigning requirements for installed Comet Backup binary components

– Fix a cosmetic issue with insufficient detail in “Malformed response from the server” error messages in Comet Backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with not scaling down large corner images in Comet Backup