17.6.9 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 17.5.5 and 17.6.8

– Feature: Analyse content of storage vaults in Comet Server (visible after first retention pass)

Once the pass has run, the Stored size will be clickable for further detail about the Vault Contents

– Feature: Remotely initiate a “Apply retention rules now” pass. Accessible from Connected Devices > Actions menu

– Feature: Display the time at which a Storage Vault’s size was measured in Comet Server

– Feature: Support Comet Backup on Linux x86_32 CPU architecture

– Enhancement: Improve performance of file list operations against Backblaze B2 Storage Vaults

– Enhancement: Some reductions in installed filesize for Comet Backup on Windows

– Enhancement: Improve transfer performance of large API responses from Comet Server

– Fix an issue with using B2 and OpenStack Swift storage as a Comet Server destination

– Fix an issue with application compatibility information on Windows

– Fix an issue with relying on the Windows temporary directory during VSS backups

– Fix a cosmetic issue with error dialogs in Comet Backup

– Fix a cosmetic issue with unclear error messages when the pre-logon service fails to install

– Fix a cosmetic issue with Google Cloud Storage and S3-compatible Storage Vaults in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with dropdown ordering when performing a live-connection action in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with editing B2 settings in the Comet Server web interface