17.6.3 ‘Voyager’ Released

Changes compared to 17.5.3 and 17.6.2

– Feature: Support sending email via Gmail account in Comet Server

– Feature: Add Device name, Protected Item name, Storage Vault name to the Job History page in Comet Server

– Feature: Option to toggle displayed columns in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Significantly improve performance of retention pass

– Enhancement: Improve startup performance when restoring an entire job containing many files, for jobs backed up with 17.6.3 or later

– Enhancement: Automatically populate instance names when editing a Microsoft SQL Server Protected Item

– Enhancement: Allow clicking segments of the “Online Users” widget in Comet Server to load a filtered view

– Enhancement: Improve performance of viewing backup job reports in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Improve performance of browsing bucket sizes in Comet Server’s web interface

– Enhancement: Add a descriptive message about bucket longevity when deleting a user account via the Comet Server web interface

– Fix a cosmetic issue with line breaks appearing in the middle of date/time displays in Comet Server