Comet development and the way forward

In this post I’m pleased to be opening up the Comet roadmap. Transparency along with communication is something that is a focus for all of us here at Comet. So moving forwards this will be the best place to see what we are up to and our development goals.

Before I dive into the roadmap I would like to talk about a question that we frequently get asked:

I submitted a feature, WHEN WILL IT BE DONE? 

It’s a fair question to ask. However, the answer depends on a number of factors that we have to consider with every request that we receive:

  • What is the difficulty level of the feature
  • Has this been asked before / increasingly being asked for
  • If we commence development, will this effect any of our active goals
  • Is this something that is very niche/customer specific or could it be widely utilized
  • What is the overall benefit for Comet of doing this

These are some of the main considerations that we weigh each request with. Since launching in February we’ve received more than 200 feature requests. We appreciate all of the feature suggestions and have them cataloged in our main development pool.

So we may not be able to give you an ETA the day you submit the feature but rest assured it’s something that we actively debate in our internal development meetings and certainly not forgotten about.

Development Goals for “17.8 – Mars”

Below are the following goals for our next Comet release. You may see these appear in the Voyager release series as they are completed.

Live mount restore

This feature will allow you to mount a backup job as a drive letter in Windows. This allows you to easily browse and copy files from the backed-up job, and to mount database and VM files directly from the Storage Vault without needing to restore them first, enabling granular restore

Hyper-V Backup

Largely requested backup type.

Analyse Vault Contents

Have you ever wondered what’s taking up space within the Storage Vault, or how efficiently your data is being deduplicated? A future version of Comet will be able to build statistics down to the Protected Item level, allowing you to explain Vault sizes to your customers in simple terms of “current / retention data” and “unique / shared data”.

B2 Storage – Cloud Backup Destination 

Low cost cloud storage provider.

Hosted Comet

Want to go 100% cloud? – Have your Comet Servers and Storage cloud hosted for you. More details about this soon!

These are the ‘big’ goals that we have for the next release. We have a heap of other smaller things, such as enhancements and general quality of life features which you can read about in the Voyager posts as they are released. As with all of our development, it is a moving target so this list is subject to change.

If you want to chat about any of these feature further feel free to leave a Comet or get in touch via email.