17.3.12 ‘Voyager’ Released

– Feature: Support Comet Server on Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, Debian 6, Debian 7 in addition to current Debian 8 support

– Feature: Allow restricting Comet Server administrators by whitelisting IP addresses

– Enhancement: New installations of Comet Server listen on all interfaces by default

– Enhancement: Prompt for serial number during .deb package installation

– Enhancement: Improve performance of software updates, download only win32/win64 package as necessary

– Fix an issue with registering new devices in Comet Backup on Linux

– Fix an issue with determining remote server address for new Comet Backup downloads if Comet Server is listening on

– Fix an issue with loading the Comet Server interface when domain restrictions are active on old versions of Internet Explorer

– Fix an issue with detecting Comet Server’s own domain name if a custom TLS certificate is used

– Fix an issue with not using cached certificates from Let’s Encrypt if they could not be reached during server startup

– Fix an issue with parsing some types of known-hosts files when connecting to an SFTP storage location

– Fix a cosmetic issue with handling missing trailing slashes when setting the Server address in Comet Backup on Linux

– Fix a cosmetic issue with adding new users in Comet Server if no Requestable destinations are configured

– Fix a cosmetic issue with displaying device limits for accounts in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with false positive warnings about self addressed request destinations