17.3.11 ‘Voyager’ Released

17.3.11 (2017-05-19)

– Feature: New interface design for Comet Server

– Feature: Filter tables in Comet Server

– Feature: Export tables to clipboard, CSV, XLS in Comet Server

– Feature: Display news and update information on the dashboard in Comet Server

– Enhancement: Add new API property to retrieve software codename

– Enhancement: Faster uninstallation

– Fix an issue with “Can’t make C:\Path relative to C:” error messages

– Fix an issue that could prevent Comet Backup from starting

– Fix an issue with upgrading from versions of Comet Server prior to 17.3.10

– Fix a cosmetic issue with .exe icon if Authenticode signing is not configured

– Fix a cosmetic issue with allowing submitting blank news or bulletins without confirmation in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with text labels when editing Azure Blob Storage vaults in Comet Server

– Fix a cosmetic issue with error messages when installing wrong-bitness version of Comet Backup