17.3.5 ‘Voyager’ Released

17.3.5 (2017-04-10)

Changes compared to 17.2.7 and 17.3.4

Server/Cloud Enhancements

– Feature: Allow storing Comet Server Storage Role data on cloud and FTP locations

When you run the setup wizard, the “choose where data will be stored” page has changed slightly: 

Data is still spread across all the storage locations that you select. But now, when you click plus, you can add any cloud type:

Then, when a user uploads to the Comet Server Storage Role, the storage role will forward it on to the cloud provider instead of storing it on the local disk.

– Feature: Support expanding existing disk-based storage in Comet Server to spread over cloud storage

‘Spanned’ is another storage type, this means that you can combine multiple storage destinations and pool storage capacity their together. This could be a mixture of physical and cloud storage. 

You can even choose nested-spanned

You can also change the top-level type away from Spanned:

– Feature: Span Storage Vault data cross multiple location providers in Comet Backup

There are some changes for the client, too, when you configure your Storage Vaults. First of all, the dropdown storage type is no longer visible on the front “General” tab:

Instead, it’s added to the top of the second “Storage” tab:

Where of course you can choose all your old favourites…

…as well as the new Spanned type.

There are some interesting possibilities for this, like grouping a bunch of free 10GB cloud accounts together to get yourself some larger storage…

You can  also choose whether or not customers are allowed to do this, via the Policy feature inside Comet Server:

Built-in Email Reporting

– Feature: Allow sending email reports to customers

During the setup wizard, there’s a new page to configure email settings. This is also where you can disable email reporting system wide:

Then, there’s an extra field when you edit the user inside Comet Server:

The email reports come through with any custom branding that you have pre configured, this includes colours and logo image:

The email template is responsive and will collapse down to a single column when you view the report on a phone.

– Feature: Send branded bulletin emails to all customers

This option allows you to send a mass email bulletin to all customers – you can access this via the server:

…then you can fill out the email:

– Feature: Allow specifying a custom SMTP server for email delivery

– Feature: MX Direct for sending email reports without an SMTP server

Further Enhancements

– Feature: Option to remove all news items from Comet Server

– Feature: Translation support for Comet Server’s web interface

– Enhancement: Improve performance for chunk enumeration on SFTP locations

– Enhancement: Cosmetic enhancements for Comet Server

– Fix an issue with using Comet Server in certain versions of Internet Explorer

– Fix a cosmetic issue with Chrome popups taking away focus when Comet Server web sessions time out